Amanda Ballard for Manatee County Commission District 2

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Good, old fashioned hard work got me through college and law school. Good, old fashioned hard work has gotten me this far in life. And, its good, old fashioned hard work that is going to make this campaign a success. In America, Florida and in Manatee County, Individual Liberty is what allows all of us to work hard and live out our dreams. Thanks to Governor DeSantis, Florida has remained free and a place to realize those dreams. My dream was to learn the law and help those less fortunate than myself. It’s freedom that empowers families, not bureaucrats sitting in an ivory tower looking over bloated budgets. Today, the woke left is trying to replace parents with public school administrators, handcuff cops instead of criminals and systematically redistribute wealth through higher taxes. My opponent has done nothing to slow them down. I am running to change that.

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Amanda Ballard is a Republican, Catholic, wife, Attorney, and child advocate. Born in a small town in South Carolina, Amanda was the first in her blue-collar family to attend college. She went on to put herself through law school. It was there she met her husband, David. Together they have two children. She has spent her entire legal career working as an attorney in the child welfare system in Manatee County.

Amanda has lived her entire adult life in Bradenton and is completely invested in the future of our community. She is a supporter of Governor DeSantis and will strive to bring economic opportunity and relief to the most underserved areas of Manatee County.

Amanda represents a new generation of residents that are stepping up to lead Manatee County into the future. She is challenging Reggie Bellamy because public servants should stand up for Parents’ Rights and Individual Liberty, not trample them.

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Amanda Ballard for Manatee County Commission District 2

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